A Noble Calling

No, there's nothing down there...

Hired by a noble of the city, we venture into his crypts for proof of his lineage to maintain his position against political rivals.

We encounter a group of skeletons and promptly smite them. As we venture further into the tomb, we discover a secret passage leading down a forked tunnel. After springing a trap in the left fork, we attempt the right fork and encounter a group of hostile melee and ranged units. By luring them into the pit, we were able to avoid the majority of damage from exploding bone shards and flaming missiles.

The left fork contained a similar complement of goons, but our quick initiative and well-aimed strikes meant that no trickery was needed. A quick search of the room revealed an enchanted shield, and though useful to our party, it was not the one sought for, with the family birthright.



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