A Restored Birthright

We made a new friend in the Crescent City

Our fourth and final encounter in the ancient tombs brought us face to face with members of The Ruby Order, led by, of all things, an imp. We made short work of the two human henchmen, but the imp’s tiny crossbow put a terrible gash in Kel-Das’s side. Using a combination of brute melee force and several magic missile and spell attacks, the tiny terror was eventually subdued.

Many of the tombs were overturned, their contents savagely desecrated by members of The Ruby Order. Among these were a shield and charred plate armor, bearing the family heritage and birthright of Lord Nesbitt. Amidst the rubble was a Staff of Missile Mastery, which Lorne will no doubt put to good use.

Lord Nesbitt was greatly relieved that we were able to recover these artifacts, rewarding us for recovering some family treasures, and inviting us as guests to a grand banquet in our honor. His restored birthright will undoubtedly translate into improved access to many of the upper caste society members, ultimately aiding in our quest to unravel the mysteries of The Crescent City, and this strange world.



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