Scheming Minotaur

Defeated the Gelatinous Cube with minor scrapes. During the fight, overheard a conversation in the other room.

Entered the room and saw some masked, well trained, well equiped guards in a room with a desk and maps. Someone had just left the room after concluding a deal.

The minotuar bodyguard of Lord Atai was bloodied and escaped the conflict with his life.

Gnoll Chieftan with a lion skull headress was killed during the fight. Lots of scars and tattoos. Found the historians notes. A contract written in abyssal.

Search of the rest of the crypt, found 8 vampires sleeping during the day and staked them.

Loot: A magical flail with dragon heads on it. Flesh-seeking Heavy Flail +2.

XP: Level Up to 3



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